about us  

    Shandong Worun Packing Product Co., Ltd.is one of the biggest bag producers and exporters in china,specializing in various woven P.P. bags, such as BOPP bags, bulk bags, FIBC"s, laminated bags, and poly-paper products. Our company, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, and the building area 30,000 square meters.It has an annual output of 8,000 tons of all plastic woven bags,annual output valve of 100 million yuan and annual export of more than USD 6 million.  
    Our company is equipped with both advanced producing lines and with advanced technic,with some machinery imported from Japan,Germany. Now, we have plastic extruding flat film stretching line:5 sets;high-speed circular loom machines;over 100 sets;lamination machine:3 sets;back seam machines:2 sets;1-layer-extruded film blown machine,one set.  
    Our output per year is about 50 million woven P.P. /PE bags, main product includes Bopp bags,kraft-plastic fabric bags,block bottom valve bags,guesst valve bags,common plastic fabric bags,big bags.With the stablest and highest quality.Now  we are a very large professional packaging supplier in chinese import and export products lines with an excellent management.We own the right to import and export by ourselves, is ISO-9001 coertified.
    Our products are exported to all over the wold,such as:Australia,canada,
russia,Japan,Spain,HongKongand other countries and districts.
  Our management principle: high quality, seeking perfect ,customer is above all .


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